Global Admin Selection – Bangladesh

Hey mig33rs!

With the Great success of recent Bangladesh Admin Selection, we feel it’s time we expanded the Bangladesh Admin family for the benefit of Community.

With that in mind, we’re looking for a special select group of people that we can trust to keep things in order at mig33. As Global Admin, users will enjoy many exclusive benefits. To make sure we recruit the right people that we trust, we’ve set following criteria for applicants:

Applicants must:
- be users from the selection country only (Bangladesh)
- be authenticated mig33 users
- have used mig33 for at least 1 year
- have clocked at least 6 hours on mig33 a day
- have a minimum of migLevel 40
- be well versed in both English and Local languages

If you fulfill all of the above mentioned criteria, read below to find out how you can apply to be part of our exclusive Global Admin group!

How to Apply?
1) Applicant should send their application via their personal email to applyadmin@mig33.zendesk.com with attachment of questionnaire below, and their respective answers.
The subject should be: Application for Global Admin post (Bangladesh)
2) Applications should be submitted between 00:00 on 18th January 2013 to 23:59 on 21th January 2013. We will not accept applications sent earlier or later than the stated period.
3) Applications without attachments of Questionnaire and application sent more that once for the same username will be rejected altogether.

a) What is your username?
b) What is your active mobile number?
c) Which country are you in? (state Country & City)
d) What are other languages that you can speak other than English?
e) What is your current migLevel?
f) How long have you been using mig33?
g) How often do you login to mig33?
h) How do you login to mig33? (via mobile / web / Android app?)
i) What is your chat room name?
j) Why do you want to be a mig33 Global Admin?
m) What is the biggest challenge you face in mig33?
o) Define how a Good, Efficient & Effective Global Admin should be?
n) In your opinion, what is the most fun thing in mig33? Why?
l) Do you have any suggestions to improve mig33?
k) Have you had any previous experience as a Moderator? Which Chatroom?

All the best! Short listed candidates will be contacted for interview before final announcements made!

Good Luck!

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